Unhappy in your job & wanting to start your own business?

Are you Wanting More Out of Life? More Time? More Money? More Success? The Flexibility of Working from Home?

You are thinking of leaving your job to work for yourself and start your own business, but hesitate, perhaps unsure of taking the risk!

What limiting beliefs or excuses are you buying into? Excuses are your LOW self-esteem holding you back.

Lack of Money? If you invest in a house, car, life insurance then why are you not investing in yourself to create a better future? You are your number 1 asset and you are the only asset you have that is capable of creating wealth without limits.  Do not buy into the excuse that you do not have the money to invest in yourself; your future; your business in order to generate a 6 figure income and better future for you and your family.

No Time? You have time, its what you choose to do with it that counts.  Are you using your time wisely to achieve your desires and wants?  If you are working over 40 or 50 hours a week and not earning a 6 figure income, then you need to find a better way.

Letting others decide your future? Listening to others and conforming rather than listening to your own heart and soul is the sure way to be held back and achieve only mediocre results in your life.  If you want more out of life there comes a time when you have to make a change if you want something better.  That time is now, otherwise why are you searching for something better?

Don’t fantasize any longer.

It’s time to be in control and take action with building a business and a life that creates wealth and lifestyle balance.

This is a Unique Online Home Based Business Opportunity in the Leadership and Personal Development Industry.

Similar to a Franchise Model with No Franchise Fees or Area Limits.


What do we do?  Market our flagship Education product – A Success Education Curriculum.

This education program is in a class of its own as a 12-month E-Learning Leadership and Goal Achievement Course in personal and professional development.  Plus we market 5-Day Seminars held in different places around the world to build and hone leadership and visionary skills.

What will you do?  

1. Grow your business by placing advertisements online utilising proven marketing methods which you will be trained on to market your business online.

2. Call back interested people who have responded to your marketing with a short phone interview, providing information and then following up and collecting their decisions. No selling or convincing required as this is clearly detailed in product information marketing packs. You will work from home with your own computer & phone.

The opportunity to market your business is international as there are no country or regional limits, and includes individuals, the corporate market and the education sector.

We’ll supply the backend operation systems, your marketing training and help you establish your goals with a road map to your achievement.

You supply the desire, motivation and willingness to learn, and have follow through, with a hunger to want a huge change both personally and financially in your life and you will find the success you are searching for.

    • NO selling, convincing or explaining
    • NO hassling your friends and family
    • NO stocking or shipping of products
    • NO need to hire staff

Traditional Business model compared to our Home-Based Business model

1. Traditional Business Model

There are hundreds of different businesses you can consider – a cafe, a franchise, a handyman or craft based business etc. Starting or buying into a business usually costs a large sum of money. This normally includes; stock, fixtures & equipment, staff, marketing, rent, just to name a few.  These costs are constant; week to week – month to month.  Making money usually takes a very long time & hard work, not to mention working 14 hour days for a minimal wage. On average, the statistics show that a business will not turn a profit for at least 2 years and in fact most don’t even make it that long, leaving behind huge debts, broken hearts and a ton of stress and strain. So the traditional business = No time off, No financial rewards = NO THANKS!

2. Our Business Model

This home based business is so affordable with a low cost of setup. Our business model is simple, effective and can produce financial results within weeks without having to work 50+ hours a week!  We supply a turn-key solution including an award winning education product, marketing training, a turn-key lead management and marketing system.  All it will take is a minimum of 15-20 hours per week.

Welcome your new flexible working life, financial freedom and start LIVING LIFE!  

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